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Response Mail Express opens for business

Response Mail Express opens for business

Response Mail Express opens for business. Jorge Villar and his original partner Phil Turk start Response Mail Express in August 1995. Four employees occupy an 800 square foot office in St. Petersburg, Florida. The first month's sales were $3,000.00.


Hits 400 clients

400 clients

Company founder, Jorge Villar, begins attending financial industry events, and customer referrals fuel the company’s growth. Within a year, we secure our 400th client and sales totaling $2.2 million.


Launches first website
Our first website

Our first website

Response Mail Express launches our first website. Offered is our selection of pre-designed and pre-printed high impact envelopes, forms and labels. Simply in its design, this website focuses on the visual impact of our line of unique envelopes.

Introduces our first Express envelopes

Our first Express envelopes

Response Mail Express introduces our first Express envelopes to the market. These envelopes offer the visual impact of overnight and next-day delivery companies at a much lower cost.


Introduces our Snap-Pack lead generation package

Snap-Pack lead generation package

Response Mail Express introduces our Snap-Pack lead generation package. This pressure sealed mailer is perforated on three sides for easy and official style opening. The Snap-Pack creates a sense of urgency and often contains time-sensitive information and offers.


Expands our library of pre-designed direct marketing packages

Direct marketing packages expanded to 50

Response Mail Express expands our library of pre-designed direct marketing packages to 50. These packages are a perfect vehicle for the fast-paced world of marketing communications for the late 90's. And because we keep in inventory millions of high impact envelopes, forms and labels, there is no long production turnaround time or upfront developmental costs. All of the direct mail products are ready to ship and use immediately so clients can react quickly to business needs and opportunities.


Moves to a new, larger location in Tampa, Florida

New Tampa offices

Response Mail Express moves to a new, larger location in Tampa, Florida. From only a handful of employees in 1995, the company's rapid growth requires more staff, production and sales support. This, in turn, prompts a move to a larger facility closer to the U.S. Postal Service's office near the Tampa International Airport. The larger facility houses a lettershop and a printshop, graphic design team, expanded customer service personnel and 10 dedicated direct marketing consultants.


Hosts our first SeminarSuccess® at Sea

January 18-21, 2001

SeminarSuccess® at Sea

Response Mail Express hosts our first SeminarSuccess® at Sea, a 3 day/3 night cruise with fun-filled adventures abroad the high seas to teach the do's and don’ts of holding and advertising successful seminars.


Launches SeminarRSVP


Response Mail Express launches our product SeminarRSVP, a proprietary seminar reservation service. We are the first in the market to offer financial advisors a full-service, turnkey seminar reservation and confirmation service. Our dedicated SeminarRSVP call center agents take all of the inbound PSVP phone calls and post each reservation on a safe and secure website.


Launches KeepOnProspecting


Response Mail Express launches KeepOnProspecting. KOP is the first on-demand, web-based, perpetual prospecting service utilizing state of the art printing, telephone and email technology. The KOP program website is specifically designed to help financial advisors keep in contact with clients and past seminar attendees, set more appointments and build their books of business.


Hits 5,000 clients

5,000 clients

Response Mail Express secures it's 5,000th client. In less than 10 years, we grow from a handful of employees and a few hundred clients to helping thousands of independent financial advisors generate a consistent flow of new prospects every month. In addition, we secure agreements with some of the country’s largest and most successful marketing organizations, insurance companies and broker/dealers.


Introduces the PURL

A sample PURL (Talking Mail)

Response Mail Express introduces the PURL, a proprietary direct mail-to-web lead generation product. PURLs, also called Talking Mail™, is the most innovative lead generation program ever developed by RME – Direct Mail-to-Web marketing!

Talking Mail™ combines the power of fully personalized direct mail, featuring a unique web address (URL), that includes a prospect’s name (ie: www.MyWebsite.com/Jonathan.Jones). When the recipient hits their site, they are greeted with a fully-personalized web experience where a key product, service or offer is presented. We track and report every action they take and provide powerful reporting and analytics.


Introduces the Concierge Consultation product

Concierge Consultation

Response Mail Express introduces our product Concierge Consultation, the first lead generation program that generates fully qualified, motivated, affluent prospects in need of help or advice by inviting them to meet with an advisor for a one-on-one dinner meeting at a 4-star restaurant.

Host our first SeminarSuccess® University event

SeminarSuccess® University

Response Mail Express hosts our first SeminarSuccess® University event designed specifically to help sales professionals who use dinner seminar marketing as a means to generate qualified prospects. Frank Maselli, Dean of SSU, trains sales professionals on effective techniques to identify and leverage those emotional dynamics to truly maximize the results of each event.


Launches RMEtv


Response Mail Express launches RMEtv, the first internet video production and broadcast service. This fully functional state of the art studio gives us the ability to produce high definition audio and video recordings that can be integrated into virtually any direct marketing campaign. Equipped with two high definition video cameras, a 12-channel digital audio mixing board, a teleprompter and green screen capabilities, RMEtv can produce broadcast quality work at a fraction of the cost.

RMEtv can be used for live in-studio and offsite internet video broadcasts, audio and video books and PURL/TalkingMail campaigns.

Acquires Postmark

RME acquires Postmark

Response Mail Express acquires Postmark in an agreement to purchase certain tangible and intangible assets of Postmark DMS of Houston, Texas. Postmark ceases daily operations on July 23, 2007. The agreement is signed after negotiations in both Tampa and Houston between senior management teams of Postmark and Response Mail Express.


Response Mail Express joins FINRA


Response Mail Express is accepted as the first ever marketing company to become a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

“We are pleased to be a member of FINRA,” said Tom Panaggio, Chief Executive Officer of RME. “Our membership sends a message to everyone from the individual advisor working from his home to the boardrooms of the largest financial companies, that RME is committed to the highest ethical standards when it comes to performing marketing and lead generation campaigns,” Panaggio said.


Reaches 12 million in total responses

12 million in total responses

Response Mail Express reaches 12 million in total direct mail responses.


Releases “A Financial Professional’s Guide to Conducting Seminars with Older Investors.”

AARP Seminar Guide

Response Mail Express works with AARP to release “A Financial Professional’s Guide to Conducting Seminars with Older Investors”

Receives Recognition as one of the Top Work Places in Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay’s Top Work Places 2010 (#30)

Response Mail Express receives recognition as one of Tampa Bay’s Top Work Places 2010 by the St. Petersburg Times.

The leading employers in the Tampa Bay region were nominated by their employees who were then surveyed about practices and policies that make these companies the top places to work. RME is the only marketing and advertising company listed in the Small Business category.

RME is the highest-ranked marketing and advertising company among all categories in the survey. Thousands of companies are considered based on leadership, compensation and training, workplace flexibility and diversity.


Holds our Marketing to Women workshop

Marketing to Women workshop

Response Mail Express holds our Marketing to Women workshop in Tampa.

Unveils Fine Art invitation packages

Fine Art invitation packages

Response Mail Express unveils Fine Art invitation packages


Rebrands to Response Marketing Excellence

Response Marketing Excellence

Response Mail Express rebrands to Response Marketing Excellence.


Launches RMEdia

RMEdia and its components

Response Marketing Excellence adds radio, television, print, outdoor and digital media creative and placement services to its portfolio of lead generation services.


Rebrands to RME360


Response Marketing Excellence becomes RME360.


RME360 celebrates 20 years

RME360 20th Anniversary

RME360 celebrates 20 years of bringing clients and prospects together.